King Saul

Chapter Two Research Notes

Cliffs and lyre music and swords and crowns–chapter 2 of The Giant Slayer in research notes and images.

A 3-D book cover image of The Giant Slayer

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This all started over 3,000 years ago, when the story of David and Saul took place–Saul was born around 1076BCE, and David around 1040BCE. But this particular retelling started in 2011, when I reached the story of David in 1 Samuel in my read-the-Bible-all-the-way-through project. I was engrossed by what...

On a white background, wire spells out the words, don't be mean.

Loving the Villain?

According to this great TED talk by Andrew Stanton (of Toy Story and WALL-E fame), Mr. Rogers carried this quote around in his wallet: “There isn’t anyone you couldn’t learn to love, once you’ve heard they story.” In the last twenty years, readers have definitely grown to love all kinds of characters...